How to choose a good quality web host

Release time: 2015-1-23 10:20:08
Webmaster friends often ask, does the quality of web hosting affect the ranking of SEO? There are many factors that affect the SEO ranking, the content construction of the website, the number of external links of the website, etc., but the most basic thing is the stability of the server of the website. Since the server can affect the ranking of the website, how do we choose a high-quality virtual Host .
First, test the stability of other hosts with the server
Web hosting is a space that people often say, which is to put a server on the Internet and divide it into multiple for everyone to use. This will appear, there will be multiple sites from one server, then when you purchase, you must pay attention to whether the other sites under the same server operate normally, because everyone is under the same server, if there are websites that are K, then Definitely will also affect the ranking of your site. Before purchasing, you must test the stability and access speed of other sites under the same server.
Second, choose the right space for the virtual host
When choosing a server, many webmasters will think that the more expensive the host, the better the performance. In fact, this is not the case. When you choose a host, you need to see how much space your website needs, how fast the Internet speed is, what kind of database the host supports, whether it supports scripts, and if it is a foreign host, does it have Chinese? Customer service, Chinese website, this is very important for people who are not good at English. To prevent problems during use, which cannot be solved, choose a suitable host to use and not waste.
Third, choose a fast access to the virtual host
It turns out that web hosting will affect the ranking of SEO, so we must pay attention to the stability of the space when choosing, I think everyone knows that no one wants to wait for your website to open there, and the search engine is even more unwilling Go and wait. If your website opens so slowly and for a long time, spiders will not come to crawl. So in order to rank your website, you still choose a host with fast access speed.
Fourth, free web hosting is also available
When you hear the word "free", everyone must be happy and scared. "His" can save some capital for other aspects, and "fear" is free of charge. It is also normal to have such an idea. Free hosting can also enjoy independent IP, independent operating system, a lot of space, and free virtual hosting is becoming more and more popular on the basis of cost savings. However, when choosing a free web hosting , you should also pay attention to it: First of all, you must choose one with after-sales service. Do n’t wait for your own station to have a problem. No one can solve it. Secondly, if you want to purchase a free host in foreign countries, you must choose a Chinese language station. If you have any questions, please find a Chinese customer service to solve it. Finally, we must pay attention to the background of the host and whether it is a regular business so that our own interests can be guaranteed.
Five, choose a configured host
It turned out to be money to buy things, then we have to buy the best, the size of the space, the number of independent IPs, the capacity of the database, the number of domain name registrations , what kind of data center is owned by the hosting company's virtual host How many websites are hosted on this virtual host ? Too many websites will affect the speed of your website. Whether your country can access your IP. Many foreign host companies are very good, but the IP they provide is Not accessible, so remind everyone to carefully choose the configuration of the host, and try to choose the host that is most beneficial to your website.
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