Zhangzhou Network Company: How to Build an Excellent Website?

Release time: 2015-1-21 9:47:32
How to build an excellent website? This is a question that customers often ask Zhangzhou Network Company , and it is also a question most often asked by webmasters. It contains a wide range of meanings. For those who do n’t know it, an excellent website is a good-looking and practical website. For those who specialize in building websites, building an excellent website needs to consider the following issues:
1. Choice of domain name
These years are not profitable, and the public welfare and gov, edu websites are still few. Most of the websites are for profit. Because the Internet is passive marketing, it is important to choose a domain name that is easy to understand and meaningful. With a good domain name, I even feel motivated to do it. If you do n’t understand this, you can Baidu catch the donkey network incident.
2. Choice of virtual space
Some people say that in the process of making a website, the choice of domain name and space is equal to half the success. I don't want to deny this sentence at all. In addition to the positive impact of programmers ’mood on a smooth and stable space, visitors’ favorability of the website will also increase sharply, and search engines are originally mocking visitors. It is futile not to open everything. Therefore, the choice of space can be said to be the foundation of the foundation.
3. Selection of website keywords
Before you decide to make an excellent website, you must have already thought about what kind of website or industry website. Only people with a clear purpose can succeed, and websites are no exception. Generally, it is better to choose three to five main keywords for other websites. Other pages can be slowly optimized through long tail keywords. For the most core keywords, you can set up a secondary directory to set up forums to cultivate weights to improve the ranking of core keywords.
4. Use seo technology
With so many websites on the Internet, not every website will have traffic. SEO is a website optimization for search engines. This includes the writing of meta tags, the distribution of keywords, the layout of web pages, the construction of internal links, friendship links, and so on. Originality is a must, because here we discuss how to build an excellent website.
5. Beautiful and touching pages
In the process of making a website, without a good visual designer staff, the results will be very bad. After operating the website for a period of time, observing its webmaster statistics, it will be found that the bounce rate is almost equal to 100%. So how to design a web page that can move people is a thing that designers must worry about. Website design and website production are two different things. Once you design and produce, you have motivation and can really retain visitors.
6. Quick response
If the website is highly interactive, responsiveness is one of the best ways to improve the user experience. The response here does not refer to the server, but to the website customer service staff. The visitor's time is most valuable. Don't try to make the user wait for feedback from the other end of the site, or he / she will leave immediately.
7. External publicity
The external publicity mentioned here is called external chain construction in seo, but the name is the same for different reasons. After doing the above six points, post some appropriate external links to tell search engines and visitors that "excellent websites are here".
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