Five Principles / Tips for Personal Website Purchase Web Hosting

Release time: 2015-1-23 10:24:03
What is a virtual host ?
The so-called virtual host is to divide a server running on the Internet into multiple "virtual" servers. Each virtual host has an independent domain name and a complete Internet server (supports WWW, FTP, E-mail, etc.) . The different virtual hosts on a server are independent and managed by the user. Because multiple users share one server, the cost of site construction and maintenance can be greatly reduced. At the same time, each virtual host has an independent domain name and a complete Internet server (WWW, FTP, E-mail, etc.) function. Not only that, virtual hosts are completely independent and do not interfere with each other. Users can manage their own virtual hosts . From the user's perspective, each virtual host behaves exactly like an independent host.
2. What can virtual hosts do and what can't they do?
Because the virtual host is divided into hundreds or even thousands of spaces on the same server for many websites to use at the same time, it is impossible to have high performance and large bandwidth. Therefore, virtual hosting is only suitable for websites with low traffic, low speed requirements and low CPU consumption, which means that it is only suitable for our website to use under low traffic conditions.
At the same time, because the price per MB of virtual hosting is more expensive, it is not suitable for those downloading websites or texture websites. For these sites, you can only rent or host.
Three principles for choosing a virtual host
1. First of all, try to choose those web hosting providers with a long history and good reputation.
Generally speaking, the quality of virtual hosts provided by some famous Internet service providers is relatively reliable, but the prices are sky-high. Even if they do not support ASP / PHP space, they can sell for 500 yuan / month, which is not suitable for us. People use (not even people who have meters, this price is not as good as hosting). Therefore, the natural rule of a penny is still common. We can only second best, and try to choose professional virtual hosting providers with a good reputation, a long history of establishment, and a good reputation. Before choosing, try to understand the company's background, when it was founded, whether various service qualifications are available and so on.
Four tips for choosing a virtual host
1. Try not to buy space that cannot be tried! Try not to buy the trial space that does not match the actual space!
What I wanted to say here is that you ca n’t buy the space that ca n’t be tried, but considering that the current virtual hosting market is not mature enough, some space that can be tried may not be perfect, but some more aggressive providers do not allow trials, but provide services It is also not acceptable, so it is changed to "Try not to buy the space that cannot be tried! Try not to buy the space that does not match the actual space!"
If you can try it, you can inspect the website according to the above five principles. Of course, the first thing you need to do is to check the trial space provided, and ask the customer service for the real customer website that is using the server, and check to see if the IP address is the same (to prevent the trial space provided by some providers from being different from the actual space) meets the).
2. Try to find some reviews
It is recommended to go to other websites that provide web hosting reviews to see if there are reviews for this site.
It should be noted that, as far as possible, choose those relatively neutral technology-type websites, because some commercial websites may also provide some commercial-type evaluations, which are disguised ads without any value.
3. Make good use of search engines
Use "xxxx host bad", "xxxx host, hang", "xxxx host unstable", "xxxx host scam" and other words to search on various search engines to see if there are posts, articles or Reviews to judge the stability and service quality of the site
4, browse the forum
Go to the common hosting forums and ask everyone how good the hosting is.
5. Check to see if your hosting provider has forums, QQ groups, and other contact information. If so, you can ask in it, or you can check other users' comments on the hosting provider. Since it is their official forum, its content may be sorted out, and positive articles will be read less. Basically, it is only necessary to read the negative ones.
V. Summary:
Finding a reliable space for your love station is a very important job. You must not act rashly. You need to think again and again. Sometimes, you have to pay some money.
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