Zhangzhou Network Corporation: Talking about How to Do a Good Directory Planning of Websites

Release time: 2015-1-26 9:41:11
The composition of a website is nothing more than content and frames. Of course, if you want to do SEO, there are also external links. Today, I mainly talk about a detail inside the framework, how to arrange the website directory.
What is a directory.
What a directory is, a general directory is the first page of paging information, that is, the first page of the category list of the inner page. This page can be a folder ending with /, or a file, depending on personal preference.
Second, the role of the directory.
Pages such as the News Center are used on the website. In fact, there are still universities to ask about this. Everyone knows that if the website has the same weight, the first-level directory ranks better in the search engines than the first-level page. In other words, That is, some long-tail keywords can be planned with a first-level directory, such as those with no search volume and drop-down boxes or those words in related searches (Baidu index is less than 50). We can integrate him to the home page of the directory as a directory. Key words.
Third, the advantages and disadvantages of the directory.
Advantages: The directory can inherit the weight of the main site. If the site weight is good, the ranking will be very good once it is included, and it has fast and stable indexing (as long as the weight of the main site is still), and there is less demand for external links.
Disadvantages: Not conducive to long-term development. In front of some of the more popular keywords, many people use top-level domains for standing. At this time, you are relatively weak when you compete with them.
Generally, it is more suitable for some short-term keywords, such as certain festivals, certain events, and so on. We can develop a special catalog for him. Things like this that come and go quickly are most suitable for catalogs.
How to plan.
How to plan the website directory, and strive to achieve two unifications.
1. The address is unified. The unity here is mainly the problem of oblique bars, because if the addresses are not the same, the link will be different. I personally think that all directories should be added with oblique bars, otherwise you will be included two identical pages , The weight is shared for no reason.
2. The link keywords are unified. This is well understood, and it is the same as the internal link. If we have multiple keywords, we can expand it from the external link, but it must be unified internally.
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