SME website construction is the first

Release time: 2015-1-19 11:34:23
With the popularization of people's use of computers and the network has entered the era of WEB2.0, the prototype of the virtual world has been formed. And the company's traditional sales cannot meet the needs of the current era. In this way, most companies have begun to expand sales to the Internet, and continue to increase investment in network marketing, and more and more companies have established their own official websites.
Many people now think that it is not difficult to build a website. Go to the source center to find a good program, buy a domain name and space, and debug the website. In this way, a website can cost 300-500 yuan to easily get it. Is it really as easy as building a corporate website? In fact, otherwise, an enterprise website is like a door to an enterprise. It represents the identity of the enterprise, so if you do n’t do it, you must do it decently. Otherwise, not only does it not provide any help, but it devalues the value of your company. In this way, corporate websites should grasp the following three basic points:
One. Positioning of corporate websites. The purpose of the company's official website is to allow a large network of browsing groups to quickly, conveniently, and professionally understand the relevant information about their own company's products, so as to generate the desire to buy. What we see is that many corporate website designs are stacked, with empty content, confusing architecture, and difficult downloading, which is not convenient for users to use; or there is no sense of beauty and the content is good, but the corporate image is completely disregarded, and it looks at all- It is a colorful variety of text and pictures without retouching. We know that the spread method of Internet marketing is one pass ten, one pass ten ... And can such a corporate website achieve this effect? Only a website with a clear column structure, simple and beautiful pages, and detailed content can allow visitors to quickly find the required content and deepen the impression of visitors.
two. The corporate website should be functional. 1. Instant messaging function, which allows us to receive feedback from customers in a timely manner and process customer opinions on the spot; 2. Forum communication function, not only can collect and track the relevant comments and suggestions of customers, but also buried the customer's psychology One seed, so as to achieve the goal of long-term cooperation; 3. The data download function allows customers to easily and detailedly understand relevant product information, and also provides a little more code for selling their own products; 4. The online order function allows customers to Knowing that enterprise products can be sold online, it also provides convenience for some customers who are in urgent need and inconvenient (distant).
three. Corporate websites should pay more attention to maintenance. According to the small and refined characteristics of SMEs, in order to meet their own development requirements, enterprises need a website that is practical, simple and exquisite, easy to manage and operate, and full-service. In this way, problems related to website technology can be assisted by the network company that produced the website, and website maintenance requires us to update and resolve customer messages in a timely manner.
It's easy or hard for an enterprise to build its own website. If it is to say that it is easy to use a website module, it is not difficult. However, the official website of the company cannot be casual, it can be said that it represents the corporate image. We can hear that many people are complaining that no one visits their corporate website. According to statistics, there are indeed many corporate official websites that are paralyzed.
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