The four main points that must be mastered for the success of website construction layout

Release time: 2015-2-2 15:13:35
1. Uniform layout style When laying out a website, we must pay attention to uniform layout. Do not neglect unity because of excessive pursuit of personality and wanting to give users more novel and exciting feelings in terms of layout. If the site layout is not uniform, users may not have an impression of your site when they visit your site.

2. Neat and organized layout Corporate websites are different from display websites. Corporate websites want to express the image of the company and promote products. Do not let the fancy layout overwhelm your product content. When making a corporate website, you must keep in mind that the layout must be organized, clean and tidy, and reflect the corporate image and product content.

3, distinctive personality layout Companies attach importance to the personality of the website in order to make their own website stand out. But companies must fully consider whether their website layout is consistent with user experience. The editor of Shanghai Website Construction Co., Ltd. found that many websites are doing gimmicks in designing, but users do n’t like it because they ignore the sensory perspective of users.

4. Visual effects are important. The visual effects we are talking about here are not just the experience of using pictures and flash. Everyone knows that placing too many pictures and flash on the website has a great impact on the speed of opening the website. I want to say that it is enough to place a small number of pictures, and at the same time make the best use of these pictures in the layout of the website to achieve the perfect visual effect. And don't forget to think about whether it is appropriate to do this from the user's perspective while designing the visual effects.
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