On the domain name selection of website planning

Release time: 2015-1-26 9:45:00
The importance of a domain name for a website is self-evident. In addition to making it easy for netizens to access your site, another attribute of the domain name also makes your website so unique in the vast sea of oceans-unique in the world, There are many people called Zhang San, but has only one.

This article will discuss the options for building a domain name from three aspects: the type of domain name, the length of the domain name, and the format of the domain name; discuss what kind of domain name can better cater to Internet users and search engines; Novice webmaster making money.

First of all, let me introduce a little knowledge. There are currently more than 40 international top-level domain names, including .com .net .org .info, which we are familiar with, and .mail .web .xxx which are still in the approval stage. Recently, .cn, which has caused headaches for webmasters, belongs to the country code top-level domain name, and there are more than 100 such as .me .in .tk .cc and so on. In addition, to correct a concept, domain names can only be rented, not bought out.

Type of domain name

International gTLDs are bear the brunt, for two reasons

.com is an international generic top-level domain name with management rights in gTLDs, and gTLDs are directly managed by ICANN. Because ICANN is a non-profit international organization, it has high security, and it will not be stopped at will.

Under the same conditions, the weight of .com domain names in search engines is higher than other domain names. This is due to the fact that .com has a history of more than 20 years, a large number of websites, and public awareness.

Domain name length

It's not always true to say that the shorter the domain name, the better it is, especially in today's search engine development. When we look for information, the first thing we think of is and

Based on the selection scheme of gradual decline from, it is advisable to use 5 to 7 digits, preferably English words corresponding to pinyin or corresponding website content. This is particularly important in vertical industry stations, but not to say 1 Can not choose to 4 letters, but the price is too high for personal webmaster investment.

But from now on, it is very difficult to apply for a 5 to 7 domain name that is close to the content of the website. At this time, if you have to choose .com, you will have to take the second place, and you may get better results. , and Which one do you think is better? Becoming a fan site is naturally more suitable.

In addition, if it is an industry station operated by an individual, you don't need to care too much about the length of the domain name, but you must choose a pinyin domain name or a word domain name, even if the domain name is long.

Domain name format

From the domestic situation, domain names in Pinyin format are better than English word domain names in catering to search engines, especially Baidu. First, it is close to the national conditions; second, it will have a deep impression on people and search engines, and then get a better ranking.

And the highly profitable English language domain name of natural word is selected above. If it should be applied for, you don't need to be discouraged. Google's algorithm is very good. has been applied. and have similar weights under the same conditions.

in conclusion

According to the above points, after determining the content of the website of a new site, the domain name should be selected based on the international top-level domain names, .com, .net, and org. . Among them, the pinyin and word type domain names that are close to the content of the website are the most important, and the length of the domain name can be sacrificed when necessary.

Doing the above can basically guarantee that your domain name has a good ranking, and has a high level of security protection, both technically and in terms of related terms, so that your website will not be blocked overnight. Stop parsing and put your efforts to waste.

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