The first step of website construction: the choice of domain name and hosting

Release time: 2015-2-2 15:20:04
The first step of Zhangzhou website construction is the choice of domain name and host. Generally speaking, the choice of domain name and host does not have a decisive influence on online marketing, but it has a certain promotion effect.

First, several issues need to pay attention to the choice of domain name.

1. You must use your own domain name.

If you want to make a difference on the Internet, it is more risky to use someone else's domain name. If you use someone else's domain name, what changes will happen to the provider, and the painstaking efforts to build a website brand, website traffic, search rankings, etc. will all go to waste. Therefore, it is recommended that companies or individuals pay attention to establishing their own independent domain names.

2. The domain name must be short and easy to remember.

Popular domain names are usually based on numbers and English letters. So users are advised to keep their names as short and easy to remember as possible.

3. Use of connectors.

Some companies consider English words when registering a domain name. It is generally recommended to add a link, but not too many.

4. The domain name can contain keywords or related words.

Generally speaking, in English websites, you can include related words when considering the domain name. For example, you can add books when buying a book.

For Chinese websites, you can use domain names that are related to corporate culture, products, services, or brands, or some associations. Such as, the popularity of "search her thousands of Baidu" and search related.

5. The domain name suggestion is best to end with .com.

Because there are too many types of domain names, hundreds of domain names include international domain names, domestic domain names, regional domain names, and industry domain names. So the best choice for users is to choose the oldest and most traditional domain name .com.

6, registered domain name brands are preferred.

The brand is constantly being shaped. The company always wants to continue to grow and grow. As long as its own brand is short, it is convenient for users to remember and not to speak. Such as,,, etc.

7. After the domain name is determined, do not change it easily.

If an enterprise wants to build a website, it is not a one-day or two-day event. Usually, it is necessary to register the domain name first to facilitate the opening of the website in the future. When you encounter a good domain name, you must register it first, otherwise you will regret it if you are registered by others.

8. The problem of Chinese website.

Chinese URLs currently come in two main forms: generic URLs and Chinese domain names.

A plug-in is required to view the URL. Chinese domain names are better viewed in browsers above 7.0. The country is also vigorously promoting Chinese domain names, which is in line with Chinese Internet habits. But the Chinese domain name is also a kind of domain name, which has no advantage over other domain names.

Second, the choice of virtual host .

There are three main types of website space:

1. Web hosting -multiple websites share one server resource.

2. Independent server-There is only one user on a server, and the resources are exclusive. The server is sub-leased and hosted.

3. VPS hosting-multiple users share a server, but each user has independent permissions and independent resources.

Among the above 3 hosts, the most commonly used is a virtual host , mainly from a cost perspective. The price of a general web host ranges from a dozen yuan to several thousand yuan per month. Free hosts currently on the market generally carry advertisements from service providers.

Generally, you need to consider the following points when selecting a virtual host :

1. Script language, database and other additional functions for website construction.

The general scripting languages are html, asp, aspx, and php. At present, the database mainly uses access or sql. The additional functions are mainly CGI, SSI, JAMIL and so on. So when choosing a web host , you can ask a website construction company or website producer.

2. File transfer mode.

If the website uploads web pages to the server, you should be allowed to perform FTP uploads.

3. Web site traffic restrictions

It is necessary to understand how much the virtual host provided by the service provider restricts the traffic each month, and how to handle the excess traffic.

4. How about technical support?

Need to confirm that the technical support can help you solve the problem.

5. Whether the service is stable.

You can use the web hosting functions and reference websites provided by the service provider. You can choose to view these websites in different time periods. Stability also includes the company's service personnel, the company's operations, and so on.

6. Risk prevention.

If you do n’t want to continue using the service, is there any loss? If it is an annual fee, how long before the expiration will remind you to renew. If you're not happy with your choice of hosting , do they replace it for you for free.

7, the cost of virtual hosting .

First understand the service, understand the cost, don't be attracted by large capacity, the key is to see if you can get it.

Finding a good domain registrar and web hosting service is not easy. Knowing the above information will help you understand the vendor's hope.
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