The importance of domain name registration in corporate website construction

Release time: 2015-2-2 15:17:48
In the process of company website optimization and promotion, whether the domain name registration has an impact on the optimization and how the company website should register the domain name.

First, the domain name length. The length of the domain name is recommended to be no more than 6 characters or 3 characters. The domain name is too long to be easy to remember, it is not easy for us to spell it, and it is not easy for search engines to include it, because our subpages will have other second-level directories and third-level directories. Add our domain name, you can imagine. Before doing experiments, Baidu has an influence on the inclusion of long domain names and long directory paths. Google ’s influence is not large, because Google started from the English search engine and English characters are long, so the impact should be relatively small.

Second, the domain name suffix. Our common domain name suffixes are com, net, org, cn,, and so on. There are also more special domain names .la., In, im to wait. As a corporate website, from the perspective of protecting the corporate brand, we should register a COM domain name. If COM is registered, we need to replace it with a creative registration COM. Remember, COM is the non-COM.

Third, domain name creativity. Many people are wondering at this time because there are too many rice merchants. When we register a domain name, some common combinations are registered, company names, products, and so on. Some good domain names are placed in the rice warehouse by rice merchants. At this time we need to change another idea, creativity.

Fourth, combination. The domain name of the corporate website must be considered from the perspective of the name of the enterprise itself, such as English name, Pinyin abbreviation, and Quanpin. Let users and search engines know what your domain name means from your domain name. At a glance. We are an enterprise station, not a garbage station. The domain name is the image of the enterprise. We need to print it on business cards and albums. It is also an enterprise's online brand.

Fifth, optimization. How big is the impact of corporate website domain names on corporate websites? We may see some product websites, or some tutorials that say that your product must be equivalent to a domain name. Because it is good for optimization. The first thing a company website should consider is the company, highlighting its image. I think about the pinyin of the company name, not the flat pinyin of the product. Because we are not making a product, it is not good to highlight either. If you really want to use the product domain name, you can optimize and promote the thematic product stand alone. Of course, the product Pinyin domain name has advantages for a single product, only short-term, long-term effects, the impact of the two is minimal.

The above six points mainly explain the impact and comparison of domain name registration and website optimization in the process of corporate website construction.

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