• Based on the PC website as the data center, the "three cores in one" enterprise website solution of PC cloud website + mobile cloud website + APP application is realized. The mobile cloud website implements importing data from PC websites ..., independently manages data, and at the same time bears the important function of transmitting data to APP applications, which is an important part of APP applications and corporate marketing.
    • App is the abbreviation of English Application, which has become a common word due to the popularity of iPhone smartphones. APP, now mostly refers to applications for third-party smartphones. Currently ... The more famous App stores are the App Store in the iTunes Store represented by Apple's IOS operating system, the Google Play Store represented by the android operating system, and the Windows Phone Marketplace represented by the WP8 operating system.
    • Self-built relationship chain? Internet marketing? App Store SEO? no need! Become a WeChat open platform developer, let the WeChat platform with hundreds of millions of users become your free promotion platform, let users ... help you word of mouth marketing. Downloads, actives, reviews, website traffic, everything comes naturally.
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